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  • Sunday, 19 May 2019 17:06
Location: The property is situated within Rimpa area, approximately 200 meters off and due north of Magadi road; Size: The property measures 0.018 Hectares or 0.01977 acres.  Development: The property is developed with a double storey residential house. 
Location: Nandi/Koibarak The property is situated within Kobarak area, Nandi county off Koibarak  Chebara road which is off Kapsabet  Kakamega road.  It is approx 2.5KM North East of Chebera shops and about 1.8 KM due to South of Koibarak primary school (coordinates (0.111434, 34.879801) falls within the subject property; Area;…
Location; Naivasha Municipality; the Property is situated off the Nakuru  Naivasha  Maai Mahiu Road within Naivasha Municipality.  The KFA go down and Caltex petrol stations are the neighborhood; Size; 0.4123 He or 1.0188 Acre; Development; On the plot is an industrial building and related infrastructure, plants and machinery
Location: The property is situated in Buoye Area, about 2.5KM south of Nyamasaria shopping centre & about 400 KM North of Buoye primary school.  It lies about 100 Meters off Kisumu  Nairobi Road, and 5KM from Kisumu City Centre.  It is easily identified as Dalc University; Size; 0.70 Ha or…
Location: The property is situated along Kitale  Cheranganyi road within Kitale municipality. size: It measures 4.345 Hectares i.e. 10.74 acres.  Developments: The property is developed with a with a double storey administration block, a double storey hostel a single storey hall, L shaped nursery block, boys dormitory and teachers quarters.