Ability to comply with Demanding Standards

Our 17 years of experience in the auctioneering business makes us one of the best in this profession. The procedure we follow in carrying out the auctioneering business and repossession business is strictly in accordance with the Auctioneers Act. We have never been cited either before the Auctioneers Licensing Board or Court for taking short cuts. We are able to get Break-in orders/Police assistance for difficult debtors and always act in he interest of our clients. We do not expose our clients to the Risk of being taken to court and are professionally indemnified by a reputable insurance company for Kshs5million.


For the last Seventeen (17) years we have been instructed by various financial institutions to realize a total of 3,922 (Three thousand nine hundred and twenty two) different securities comprising agricultural, residential and commercial properties. In the year 2010 alone we raised a total of Kshs:300million (three hundred million) through realization of charged securities, (details can be availed on request), on behalf of our clients. We have in addition carried out distress for rent on thousands of tenants and executed hundreds of warrants of attachment. We have also disposed of used motor vehicles and furniture plus scrap by public auction on behalf of Parastatals, the government and huge corporate entities. Our success rate has been very impressive and this can be confirmed by contacting any of the quoted clients/referees.


For the last 17 years in which we have been actively involved in auctioneering we have always opened a register for every auction sale that we have held comprising the names of bidders, their telephone contacts, e-mail & postal addresses. The net result is that to date we have compiled an awesome database of hundreds of prospective purchasers which database we always log into as and when an auction sale arises. This database is categorized into three (3) sections i.e immovable property, motor vehicles and furniture/scrap.

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