Garam Investments was established in 1994. Our 17 years of experience in the auctioneering business makes us one of the best in this profession. The procedure we follow in carrying out the auctioneering and repossession business is strictly in accordance with the Auctioneers Act.

Our Mission Statement

Our Vision

To be the dominant player in provision of auctioneering services countrywide.

Our Mission

To apply the highest standards of excellence in execution of our duties. To be attentive, considerate and respectful towards clients & debtors.

Our Motto

Honest, efficient and diligent

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For any inquiries please contact us on:

Tel: 020 2720470

Wireless: 0202592949, 020 2592990

Cell: 0722 715838, 0786 663


Ms. Anne Magondu ON 0722 738404